What is a Prosthodontist?

Some people may become confused when their family dentist says they need to see a prosthodontist. That may sound scary but it’s just another specialty in dentistry.
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What is a prosthodontist? A prosthodontist is a dentist that is trained to treat complex facial and dental cases. This primarily includes the replacement of missing and damaged teeth, restoration, and implants.

However, procedures a prosthodontist can do can also include installing and repairing bridges, crowns, jaw disorders, and dentures. Another element of this specialty is cosmetic dentistry. Prosthodontists specialize in this and often work with medical doctors to assist with issues like a cleft palate and misaligned facial bones.

The Need Has Risen

More people need this type of dental specialty than ever. Approximately 300,000 people in the U.S. get dental implants every year and 25 percent say they would change their smile or teeth first to boost their self-esteem.

A prosthodontist combines the specialties of mouth health, function, and gaining a gorgeous smile into one skill set.

Prosthodontists are different from those practicing general dentistry in that they are trained to repair natural teeth as well as replace missing teeth. They are also trained to worth with those who have missing parts of the face and jaw caused by accidents or deformities.

A prosthodontist has advanced education. Their training focuses on aesthetic restoration and teeth replacement. Those seeking this specialty have to go to school three more years after completing both undergraduate and dental school.

Why Would I See a Prosthodontist?

Those who had an accident that damaged their teeth or mouth would want this type of specialist working on repairs. Others who have birth defects or have severe mouth issues that need extensive cosmetic work would also want to see a prosthodontist.

Some of the things this type of dentist will do is work on denture implant fit and placement, traumatic injury repairs, and fixing jaw and snoring problems. They work on what is called the temporomandibular part of the body which includes your jaw area. Those suffering from TMJ will seek out a prosthodontist for treatment.

Do You Need a Prosthodontist?

Most people will never need a prosthodontist. Those who have complicated teeth and facial issues will be the most likely candidates for this specialized doctor.

Talk to your dentist if you feel you need specialized care regarding teeth, jaw or facial problems. Your dentist will offer the proper recommendation of a specialist who can address your exact needs.

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