Tooth Coloured Dentistry

New technology has allowed even basic dental procedures to look better cosmetically. Tooth-coloured dentistry can be used for purely cosmetic reasons and there are a wide variety of products and procedures available at Bentway Dental.

The most common application of tooth coloured dentistry is with cavity fillings. Fillings are usually made of composite resin that has the same shade as your teeth. However, they can also be a mix of quartz and glass filler or even porcelain or ceramic.

Tooth colour restorations are used in dental restoration and general dentistry because they look natural and look much better than silver amalgam fillings.

Composite resin or other types of tooth-coloured material can also be used to correct other tooth imperfections like gaps, chipped teeth, irregular size, and shape, and can even be used to make teeth appear more even or straight.

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Tooth Coloured

What Is a Tooth Coloured Procedure Like?

At Bentway Dental in Toronto, these types of procedures are usually quick and painless. It typically takes less than an hour to treat a cavity. Most procedures include numbing the gums with local anesthesia in the area of treatment. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the numbing medication to take effect.

Using tooth colouring procedures for cavities and other types of general dentistry procedures is almost the same as using traditional types of material. We remove infected material, clean the tooth and then apply the tooth-coloured material that is tinted to match your tooth.

What Is a Tooth Coloured Procedure Like?

A couple of medical benefits come with using tooth-coloured material to fix dental issues. The resin bonds to teeth so there isn’t a need to remove as much of the natural tooth as we do when we use the silver amalgam or gold fillings. Maintaining as much of your natural tooth structure is important to long-term mouth health.

Tooth-coloured material is free of mercury, which is toxic. There are low amounts of mercury in the silver amalgam fillings and they aren’t considered to be dangerous. Yet, most people opt for a safer, mercury-free choice.

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Tooth Coloured

About Tooth Coloured

No one will be able to tell you had a cavity when you speak, laugh, or yawn. All they see are teeth. Tooth-coloured work should last a decade or longer as long as you take proper care of your gums, teeth, and fillings.

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