Teeth Cleaning in Toronto

Everyone loves how their teeth feel after they’ve been cleaned. We at Bentway Dental love to provide that feeling with our professional hygienist services. You will feel cared for from the moment you step into our welcoming offices, to the dental exam, through taking modern digital X-rays, and receiving teeth cleaning. We strive to make every visit a positive experience.
Teeth Cleaning Toronto
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Comfortable Care

Providing sedation services with a caring staff to make your dental office visit a better experience.


We provide treatment options and consultations that improve your oral health now and prevent issues as you age.

Highest Quality

Our new technology and educated dentists specialize in dental care that addresses both minor and major oral health issues.

Always Smiling

From our patient and compassionate staff to the dental care we provide our patients, our dental office will keep you smiling for years to come.

Professional Teeth Cleaning Toronto

Teeth Cleaning is Important

Keeping up with your twice-yearly exams and teeth cleaning is an important part of oral care. Regular exams help dentists identify problems early so treating them is minimal. Keeping your teeth free of plaque and tartar will help reduce cavities and gum disease. It will make your entire mouth healthier.

Teeth cleaning typically comes after a physical exam by the dentist, although some dentists require cleaning first because the amount of build-up may prevent a thorough exam. Hygienists perform the cleanings and will start by checking your teeth and gums with a small mirror to see if they are any major problems the dentist should know about before the cleaning starts.


Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning

A scaler is used to remove plaque and tartar around the gumline and between teeth. You will hear scraping and the hygienist will flush out your mouth with water and use suction to remove the water.

The hygienist will then brush your teeth with a powerful electric brush that sounds like a grinder. It isn’t. It cleans with toothpaste that is a bit gritty that gently scrubs teeth, so this part of the process is called teeth polishing. The toothpaste comes in several flavors and patients can choose their flavor!

The hygienist finishes with flossing your teeth. They will rinse out your mouth to get rid of debris and apply a fluoride treatment to protect them until the next appointment. The fluoride treatment also comes in different flavors. It’s a gel that is put into the mouthpiece that fits over your teeth and is left on for about a minute.

Your hygienist may also use a small brush to paint fluoride varnish onto your teeth. This hardens quickly, allowing you to eat and drink afterward.

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Deep Teeth Cleaning

Some people need more than standard teeth cleaning because of the amount of plaque and tartar accumulating on teeth and gums. They need deep cleaning.

Teeth Cleaning Services

Is Twice a Year Enough?

Each patient at Bentway Dental has an individualized treatment plan. Some may require more cleanings than two a year. Your dentist will talk to you about what’s best for you and your teeth to keep up with oral care.

Teeth Cleaning Services

Anxiety Matters

Some patients are highly anxious, especially when they see the dentist. For those people, we have sedation therapy so they can get through procedures like cleanings and deep cleanings without panicking. Ask if you or a loved one needs this

Teeth Cleaning Services in Toronto

Our deep cleaning procedure at Bentway Dental is similar to regular cleaning except deep cleaning is done by a dentist. It includes cleaning under the gumline so that your gums can reattach properly to your teeth and both teeth and gums stay healthy. It requires no local anesthetic and, while it may be uncomfortable, it isn’t a painful procedure.

There is no judgment at Bentway Dental. We know some patients maybe just enrolled in dental insurance and hadn’t seen a dentist in a while. Others snore and breathe through their mouth, causing an excess of plaque and tarter. In some cases, these types of problems have a genetic component.

Regardless of why patients have these issues, our hygienists, dentists, and staff want to get your mouth clean and healthy so your teeth will serve you for a lifetime.

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