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Some people have bad breath and some have chronically bad breath, usually due to an underlying disease or condition. The medical term for halitosis can happen for any number of reasons from having diabetes, bad oral hygiene, or a diet that creates a lot of stomach acid.

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Fresh Breath Therapy

About Fresh Breath Therapy Toronto

Since many factors create bad breath, a doctor or dentist will need to look at the root cause of your halitosis to eliminate it.

What happens next?

We provide exams and x-rays to see the cause of the pain. Our capable staff will provide you with immediate relief and schedule additional appointments to resolve the problem.

Bentway Dental offers complete dental care so we can address any dental issue you have that caused the pain, whether it’s cosmetic dentistry to fix a chipped or broken tooth, an infection that may require a root canal, implants, or multiple teeth problems.

Our modern technology makes getting emergency work done simpler and easier for both the patient and the dentist.

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Where Does Bad Breath Come From?

Bad breath primarily stems from two parts of the body, the stomach, and the mouth. Each can contribute to the odor but each has different ways of handling the problem.

Bad breath that comes from the stomach usually happened in conjunction with frequent heartburn or reflux. Chronic digestive or reflux issues mean there is an overload of acid being produced and that contributes to bad breath.

It can also be attributed to certain types of food like spicy food or dairy products, if you are allergic to dairy. However, bad breath that comes from eating certain foods typically isn’t chronic but only happens occasionally after you’ve eaten a meal with things like garlic, onions, or peppers.

Chronic bad breath that comes from the stomach occurs even when you eat more conservatively but continue to have heartburn or reflux.

Breath That Smells Like Dog Poop

Bad breath is also a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). GERD  happens when acid from the stomach rises to the esophagus, irritating it. This can be painful and cause your breath to smell like feces, or as most people describe it, like dog poop.

A medical doctor can advise you on how to handle these types of health issues. Generally, a probiotic is the first course of treatment as it lessens stomach acid, reflux, and heartburn. Those with GERD will likely need stronger, prescription medication.

Dry Mouth and Bad Breath

You can also emit bad breath because of a dry mouth. A dry mouth is a common symptom of diabetes patients but can happen to other people also. People who snore or sleep with their mouths open tend to have dry mouths, so they are more vulnerable to bad breath. Some products help relieve dry mouth so they may also eliminate bad breath by eliminating the root cause.

How Dental Problems Affect Breath

Those who have bad breath due to dental issues are good candidates for fresh breath therapy. Fresh breath therapy involves three steps. The dentist first treats the underlying condition, then cleans your teeth, and finally provides an improved treatment for oral hygiene.

People with bad breath may be doing all the normal oral hygiene things like brushing twice daily and flossing. Yet, they can’t get their breath under control. That’s where fresh breath therapy can help.

The dentist will first determine what is causing your bad breath. This can be strictly a dental issue, like a bad cavity that can produce a rotten smell. The dentist can clean and fill the cavity.

The problem may also veer into overall health and medical issues, like dry mouth, diabetes, or reflux. The dentist will then consult with your medical doctor to correct those issues.

After the underlying cause is addressed, the dentist schedules teeth cleaning. Many cases of bad breath require a deep cleaning over the standard hygienist care. The deeper cleaning removes bacteria, plaque, and tartar from under the gum line as well as surface areas.

Those with this type of chronic problem may need more than two cleanings a year to maintain fresh breath.

The third and final step of fresh breath therapy is for the dentist to work with you to create an individualized maintenance plan. This shouldn’t be something that offends you and it isn’t to suggest that you aren’t taking care of your teeth and mouth. Different people required different needs and those with halitosis require a different level of maintenance to keep their breath pleasant.

The maintenance plan may involve using an antibacterial mouthwash, more cleanings, getting an electric toothbrush or a water pick, and changing your diet.

What You Can Do

Those who know they have a halitosis problem can do some things to remedy it. Using a strong antibacterial mouthwash every time you brush and between meals is a good place to start. You should also brush after every meal and floss daily. Some bad breath occurs because food gets stuck in crevices.

Make sure to keep braces, dentures, retainers, and clear aligners clean.

One thing that dentists suggest for everyone, not just those with bad breath, is to brush your tongue. Brushing your tongue removes a ton of odor-causing bacteria. It only takes about 30 seconds to do but adds so much to your oral health.


Another recommendation is to get a new toothbrush or brush head every four to six months and keep up with your dental visits.

You may also want to reconfigure your diet to eat less of what causes heartburn and bad breath and more “natural cleansing” foods like apples, celery, and berries. Foods with fiber, like carrots, are natural teeth cleaners as well as breath fresheners. They are healthier than other snacks too.

We can help you figure out what is causing your halitosis and seek a remedy. Our staff knows it can be a problem both personally and professionally. We offer compassionate care that helps you deal with this.

Fresh Breath Therapy

About Fresh Breath Therapy

Many times, pain or broken teeth require two or more appointments to correct. The standard protocol of dental care is to provide immediate antibiotics and pain relief until your second appointment when more procedures are scheduled. We don’t delay those appointments and will get you back into our office fast so your dental needs are properly addressed.

Emergency care isn’t something you plan on financially either. Our office accepts insurance, and various forms of payments and can help you find financing options. You don’t need to live with an emergency dental problem out of fear you can’t afford to fix it.

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