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A bright smile can make a huge difference in your life. It gives you more confidence and can even increase opportunities for dating and a career. After all, everyone notices a nice smile.

At Bentway Dental, we believe in making your smile the best it can be. That’s why we offer teeth whitening that’s safe, simple, and effective.

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We provide treatment options and consultations that improve your oral health now and prevent issues as you age.

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Our new technology and educated dentists specialize in dental care that addresses both minor and major oral health issues.

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From our patient and compassionate staff to the dental care we provide our patients, our dental office will keep you smiling for years to come.

What to Expect

Teeth whitening is a process that starts with an exam to make sure your teeth and mouth are healthy and any other issues are resolved.

A dentist will then look at your teeth and mark the current shade of each tooth.

The next step is to polish your teeth with a grainy material made from pumice. This removes plaque.

The dentist will then put gauze in your mouth to keep your teeth dry and install retractors to keep your tongue, lips, and cheeks away from the solution used to whiten teeth. your gum line is protected with a barrier. This is the most uncomfortable part of the procedure.

Here's the process.

The dentist will put a gel on your teeth as part of the whitening process. Only the front of your teeth will get the gel. The gel components include up to 35 percent of hydrogen peroxide, which is a primary whitening agent. It could include carbamide peroxide instead.

Most of these whitening products need a laser or a curing light to activate them. The solution remains on the teeth for up to 60 minutes with the light on them. The cure time and whether light is used depends on the exact product so you will need to ask your dentist for details on how this part of the process is handled.

The teeth are then rinsed. Your dentist may also apply fluoride to help soothe sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth are a common side effect of the whitening procedure.

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How Effective Is Teeth Whitening

You will notice a big difference in the color of your teeth after you undergo teeth whitening. However, your dentist may not get the brightest shade you want in the initial visit and it can take a few visits to get to the desired shade. It depends on how stained your teeth are initially.

Those who want whiter teeth often try at-home solutions like whitening toothpaste and dental strips. These are good products and work well in between dental visits. However, the best way to get whiter teeth is with a professional dentist performing a whitening procedure. Whitening products work best as maintenance products rather than whitening stained teeth.

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