Mercury Free Dentistry

People are more concerned about their health than ever before and that is leading many dental offices like Bentway Dental Toronto to offer mercury-free dentistry.

The concept of mercury-free dentistry revolves around the silver amalgam fillings that all dentists once used for everyone. It is still a common filling substance but has come under scrutiny as it uses a combination of mercury with metals.

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Mercury Free Dentistry

About Mercury Free Dentistry

The mercury makes the substance easier to work into the tooth. It hardens quickly too. Although the amount of mercury in the filling is scant and benign, many prefer fillings that don’t contain any mercury at all.

Advancements in dentistry allow us at Bentway Dental Toronto to provide patients with mercury-free options including tooth-coloured fillings.

The Benefits of Mercury-Free Dentistry

Mercury-free dentistry has benefits over the old method of using amalgam for fillings. It is safer for dentists, clinic staff, and patients as it creates a mercury-free facility and a healthier work environment. It is a healthier choice for pregnant women and is better for the environment.

The best part about mercury-free dentistry is that no one can tell you had a cavity with the new types of composite fillings available.

Composite fillings give patients a more natural smile and help strengthen damaged teeth. Amalgam fillings don’t have as much structured integrity and can damage the tooth if it shrinks or breaks.

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Mercury Free Dentistry

About Mercury Free Dentistry

While some people may want to remove amalgam fillings because of mercury, dentists advise against this. It is an unnecessary procedure that could damage your tooth. It’s best to just move to use composite fillings if you get additional cavities or need to replace an old filling.

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