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No one likes having cavities but many people don’t always see the importance of having a dentist fix them. Cleaning and filling cavities in your teeth help you keep your tooth, maintain long-term oral health, and help your tooth retain its shape. It can also prevent you from experiencing a painful infection.
We at Bentway Dental Toronto take filling cavities seriously. It is the first step in keeping our patient’s teeth and gums healthy and is also the most cost-effective preventive measure against tooth decay.
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Dental Fillings in Toronto, ON

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We provide treatment options and consultations that improve your oral health now and prevent issues as you age.

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Our new technology and educated dentists specialize in dental care that addresses both minor and major oral health issues.

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Looking at the Benefits of Fillings

There are four direct benefits of getting cavities filled:

It stops the cavity from expanding

It protects teeth from decay

It helps maintain tooth structure

It adds strength to fractured teeth

Cavities don’t get better with time, no matter how much your brush your teeth or use special antibacterial products. A dentist needs to clean out the decay from the tooth and pour in a filling to seal the hole.

The filling protects the nerves in the gums from exposure to foods, drinks, and temperatures. Exposure to the nerves, created by the cavity, is why you have tooth pain.

Looking at the Benefits of Fillings

Cavities hollow out teeth and the filling is poured into the open, hollow area. That gives your tooth support and will help it maintain its structure. Fillings can also be sued to repair fractured teeth that can sometimes happen when you bite into something hard or are injured in sports. The filling matches your tooth so it is aesthetically pleasing.

Most filling procedures can be done within an hour and involve local anesthesia. They are relatively painless procedures and shouldn’t interfere with your day.

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How Long Will Fillings Last?

Fillings can last a long time, even decades. However, most will need replacing at some point. People put a lot of pressure on their teeth when they eat and drink. Some grind or clench their teeth and that can damage fillings.

Fillings that become chipped, broken, or cracked will need replacement.

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