Digital X-Rays

Dentists are implementing many types of modern technology to make procedures safer and more efficient for patients. Digital x-rays are one of those types of new tech that helps our patients at Bentway Dental get the best and most effective treatment.

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Digital X-Rays

What Are Digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays are vastly different from traditional X-ray film. The primary difference is digital X-rays use sensors instead of film and sends the image directly to the computer. This creates an incredibly enhanced computer image of everything in the mouth including gums, teeth, and anything else in the mouth like braces.

Better image results in a better diagnosis to provide the treatment the patient needs. Dentists using digital X-rays at Bentway Dental Toronto have the clarity in the image to see more than what they would using traditional X-rays and that makes a world of difference in some complicated cases.

What Are Digital X-rays?

Using digital X-rays makes for a much better experience for the patient. Results for digital X-rays are viewed much quicker than that of traditional X-rays because there is no darkroom needed. That means the patient won’t be waiting in the dental chair long before the dentist has treatment recommendations.

It also means the patient can get moving on their treatment more quickly. That can make a big difference in an emergency dental visit or if the patient is in pain.

Digital X-rays are safer for the patient too. It reduces radiation exposure by up to 80 percent when compared to traditional X-rays. Patients will also love the fact that digital technology is cheaper than using traditional X-rays with film.

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Digital X-Rays

Better for Sustainability

For us at Bentway Dental Toronto, using digital X-rays also reduces the resources needed to serve our patients. It takes less space, requires no dark room, and images can be stored on a hard drive rather than in a file cabinet. That helps lessen our environmental footprint and makes our office more sustainable.

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