Sports Night Guards Toronto

The elephant in the room is that dental appliances like sports and night mouthguards aren’t always super comfortable. They can make you look a little goofy too but there are still plenty of reasons why you should wear them.

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Sports Night Guards

About Protective Sports Night Guards in Toronto

Mouthguards worn by athletes during sports activities are important to reduce the possibility of an injury to your teeth and mouth. Most teams and sports associations require them for contact sports like football and boxing. They may be helpful in other types of sports where you might take a tumble or make contact with another player also.

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Sports Mouthguards

Mouthguards worn by athletes during sports activities are important to reduce the possibility of an injury to your teeth and mouth. Most teams and sports associations require them for contact sports like football and boxing. They may be helpful in other types of sports where you might take a tumble or make contact with another player also.

A good sports mouthguard will not only protect your teeth from injury but could also protect your jaw and even prevent a concussion. That’s because it stabilizes your mouth and bit to prevent it from moving during impact.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends sports guards to prevent dental injury. However, you can’t just pick a sports guard off a rack and expect it to work as it should. A sports guard will give you the most protection when it is properly fitted to your mouth.

Stock mouthguards may fit your mouth too tightly or are too loose, which offers little protection. They are usually made out of an inferior material so they likely won’t hold up as well either as a high-quality customized mouth guard.

Many parents and athletes may not know that the best place to get high-quality sports mouthguards is with your dentist. Your dentist knows all about your mouth so they can get you a customized mouthguard that fits your teeth perfectly and give you the utmost protection.

Little Known Sports Mouthguard Facts

You don’t need a mouthguard for your entire mouth. For most sports, you only need a mouthguard that covers the top teeth. This makes them more comfortable to wear and helps with breathing.

Mouthguards should be replaced every six months, just like a toothbrush. They will get worn down in that time. Also, you will need to clean it after every game or practice. Bacteria collects.

Those wearing braces can still wear a mouthguard. A mouthguard will protect all that expensive orthodontic work and will also stop all the brackets and wires from hurting your mouth’s soft tissue when you make contact.

Night Guards

While some people may think that night guards and sports mouthguards are the same thing, they serve two different purposes. Night guards are to stop people from grinding their teeth or continuing other habits that could damage their teeth or mouth in their sleep.

A sports mouthguard protects teeth from external strikes to the mouth while a night guard protects upper and lower teeth from each other. People that often clench or grind their teeth in their sleep can damage their teeth except for the protective material of the nightguard between the two layers of teeth.

A night guard can serve a couple of other important purposes. It can help shift teeth and your jaw into proper alignment to improve or correct bite problems. It can also help with TMJ that is caused by clenching or grinding teeth because the night guard offers soft protection.

Night guards can help prevent plaque and tarter because they allow for salvia to flow, which washes away bacteria. They can also help prevent dry mouth since they help cover your mouth, forcing you to breathe through your nose. This also helps reduce and prevent snoring.

Three types of night guards are on the market. The hard night guards, made from acrylic, are what are used to treat TMJ and prevent grinding and clenching. There are also over-the-counter varieties that can be found at drug stores and are pre-molded into a one-size-fits-all. There is also the type that softens when placed in hot water to get better customization.

Night guards are often custom-made by the dentist. They will need to get teeth molds and other data to create one that fits you comfortably while you sleep. That could take one or two appointments in most cases.

Night guard care is much like what you do for sports mouthguard maintenance such as replacing it twice yearly, keeping it clean, and getting a customized version if you have brace

Ask Your Dentist

Whatever your need or goal, you should talk to your dentist about the type of sports mouthguard or night guard that would work best for you. Both are cheaper than paying for an emergency dental visit or ongoing treatments for teeth damaged the night. Your dentist will be happy to answer all your questions and help fit you with the right appliance.

Sports Night Guards

About Sports Night Guards

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