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Dental patients who need a filling may need to save up or check with their dentist about payment options because fillings cost more than they once did.

The overall cost can be between $200 and $1,000 plus lab costs. That is a wide cost range and the exact amount you will pay depends on the type of filling you get, what your insurance pays, and the individual dentist office that serves your oral care needs.

Materials Cost

Fillings can be made out of different materials and that affects the cost. They were once made from silver amalgam, which is incredibly cheap, but that is no longer used in most dental offices. Silver amalgam contained mercury, now considered to be unhealthy, and wasn’t aesthetically pleasing.

Other materials have since been developed to replace silver amalgam for fillings. The problem is the materials used today are more expensive than amalgam fillings and that raises the cost.

The least expensive and most popular option are composite resin fillings. These are fillings made from a plastic component and mixed with things like porcelain to look like natural teeth. Composite fillings cost between $200 and $500 a tooth, making them a highly affordable option.

Gold fillings are one of the more expensive choices as they cost around $1,000 per tooth, beyond paying the lab cost. Most dentists don’t recommend gold in most cases because it is highly visible and expensive. However, gold is also the most durable material available so it is sometimes recommended for back teeth.

Back teeth aren’t as visible and do most of the chewing so having a durable gold filling is a good choice. It is also sometimes recommended for those who grind their teeth because of its durability.

Ceramic fillings will look just like your natural tooth and that is what draws people toward using them. However, they are also expensive with a price tag of around $1000, plus lab cost, per tooth. The problem with ceramic fillings is they aren’t as durable as some of the other choices. You will need to ask your dentist about durability when trying to decide which material to use because functionality in chewing is more important than aesthetic quality.

Insurance Options

Those with dental insurance should talk to their insurance provider about what is covered when it comes to either installing a filling or replacing a filling. Your dental office can also provide a breakdown of the cost and insurance payment before your procedure. It helps to be well aware of any costs that are your responsibility because dental offices often ask for the co-payment upfront.

Most insurance will pay for at least a portion of the cost of installing a filling, including the dentist fee, filling cost, and lab work. Some will pay a percentage of the cost of a filling and lab work while paying the entire dentist fee. Others will pay up to a specific total cost. Insurance companies are different so it pays to know what they will pay up front.

Dental Office Arrangements

Many dental offices will work with you to pay for your oral care and have several options beyond insurance. Some offer budget billing every month while others have 0% interest for a year for dental work. Several participate in programs that accommodate those who can’t afford to pay for dental care.

Be sure to ask about all of these options so that you can make the most of them to get cavities filled and prevent tooth decay.

Lab Costs

Certain fillings and options, like inlays and onlays, are created in a lab, and that generates a lab cost. They are considered stronger and better looking than other types of fillings.

A key thing when it comes to getting a filling is to consider more than just cost. Consider function, look, and your habits before choosing a filling material. Your dentist will offer a recommendation but it isn’t the only choice. Talk to your dentist about any concerns and look at all the options before deciding.

Those who have questions about fillings can call us. We are here to answer your questions and help you make a choice that’s right for you.

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