When Do You Need Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

People with decayed or a lot of damaged teeth used to get all or most of their teeth pulled and go with dentures. Now, they have the option of full mouth restoration available. This can give them much better function and a great smile.

Full mouth restoration is a restorative dental procedure where the dentist replaces all or most of the teeth with implants. The restoration allows the patient to have mouth function, better health, and a beautiful smile they didn’t have with decayed or damaged teeth.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

About Full Mouth Rehabilitation Toronto

This type of significant procedure is for those who have lost teeth to decay or trauma or that have many teeth that have been fractured or damaged. It could also be a procedure for those who have worn down their teeth or who must adjust their bite because of jaw pain.

Those who are wondering if they should get a full mouth restoration may want to look at the five reasons below to consider it.

What happens next?

We provide exams and x-rays to see the cause of the pain. Our capable staff will provide you with immediate relief and schedule additional appointments to resolve the problem.

Bentway Dental offers complete dental care so we can address any dental issue you have that caused the pain, whether it’s cosmetic dentistry to fix a chipped or broken tooth, an infection that may require a root canal, implants, or multiple teeth problems.

Our modern technology makes getting emergency work done simpler and easier for both the patient and the dentist.

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Many teeth are missing.

Many people are missing multiple teeth either due to decay, injury, or a lack of dental care over the years. Tooth replacement options fall into several categories and prices with dental implants being the most costly but also the most effective. Other options are bridges or a partial denture.

Implants are highly recommended because they are permanent, look like your natural teeth, and are incredibly durable so they offer both function and good looks.

Gum disease is significant.

Some patients come to dentists with severe gum or periodontal disease where the teeth can’t be saved. An advanced condition leads to painful oral infections and affected underlying health conditions like diabetes and heart disease as well as tooth loss. There are times when the best option is to extract the death to treat the infection and ease the pain.

Implants can be the right solution for patients with this condition as they will restore both function and looks. Implants can also help improve your health because they don’t contribute to decay so you can focus on taking care of your gums during your oral health routine.

You've lost teeth due to dental trauma.

No one knows when an accident may happen. Anyone can experience injuries from a car wreck or a sports injury. Teeth that are missing, severely damaged, or pushed out of alignment from trauma will need restorative care. In some cases, this may include full mouth restoration.

You have pain.

Those who have chronic jaw pain from temporomandibular disorder (TMJ), or other issues, headaches, or congenital conditions may want to seek a restorative plan to change their bite. Any of these conditions may affect how well you move your jaw and adding implants to change your bite could relieve your condition.

Teeth have been worn short.

It’s not uncommon for teeth to wear down as you get older. They get shorter with age because of years of use. However, teeth that wear down prematurely can limit function and cause pain.

Teeth can wear down prematurely due to teeth grinding, disease, or bad genetics like having soft teeth. This can cause your bite to misalign, lead to teeth decaying, and cause the pulp inside your teeth to become infected. This makes someone with severely worn-down teeth a good candidate for a full mouth rehabilitation.

Determining Your Need

You can decide if a full mouth restoration is needed by looking at how many teeth are missing, decayed, or damaged and how that affects your life. Dental issues that affect what you eat, how you eat, and your mouth function should be remedied. A loss of a smile causes you to lose confidence, is affecting your professional or personal life should be fixed.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

About Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A mouth issue, such as infections or decay, that can cause other health problems like sepsis, or heart disease should be corrected. In these cases, there is no question that a full mouth rehabilitation should be considered. How Long Does Full Mouth Restoration Take? Full mouth restoration can’t be done in one or two dental visits. The time it takes depends on the issues involved with each patient. Typically, it takes anywhere from two weeks to a year to do all the work. One thing to understand is this type of work involved multiple procedures. You will need to talk to your dentist about all the various procedures and work with your dentist to create a timeline for all the work.  The Cost of Full Mount Restoration Full mouth restoration can be costly with the average patient paying around $34,000. However, it could cost as little as $7,000 and as much as $90,000. The good news is that dental insurance will pay a hefty part of that cost because restoration is needed for proper mouth function and nutrition. Many dentists also offer financing options for patients. This includes paying in non-interest-generating increments or using community, non-profit, insurance, or government programs to help pay the cost. Ask About Your Options No one has to live in pain or without teeth. Full mouth restoration is possible and your dentist will work with you to fund it and work out a timeline that is doable for you. You will be thrilled with being able to

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