Does Teeth Cleaning Remove Stains from the Teeth?

Does Teeth Cleaning Remove Stains from the Teeth
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People love things like coffee, tea, and red wine but hate the tooth stains they leave behind. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of expensive cosmetic treatments to remove stains from your teeth. A simple teeth cleaning you get from a regular dental exam can remove stains from your teeth.

A skilled hygienist or dentist has advanced technology to help remove at least some of the stains causing a dimmed smile. Scaling and polishing are two elements of cleaning that can remove stains.

Benefits of Having a Cleaning

People tend to think about teeth whitening to remove stains. That is quite effective but the first course of action should be to get your teeth cleaned. This is best for several reasons.

  1. Cleanings come with exams. You should see a dentist twice a year for an exam anyway to make sure you don’t have cavities or other issues. Oral health should always take priority over aesthetics but the two work hand in hand.
  2. Cleanings are paid for by most dental insurance. This is because it is routine, preventive care. Insurance doesn’t always pay for whitening sessions because that is considered a cosmetic treatment.
  3. You may not need a whitening session. It could be that enough improvement is made with the cleanings that a whitening session is unnecessary.

Going to get your teeth cleaned can be a pleasant experience, especially if you have an experienced hygienist like what we have in our office.

A good teeth cleaning can leave your teeth feeling smooth and your mouth fresh as well as leaving them looking more stain-free.

There are a few things to be aware of when it comes to how a hygienist or dentist cleans your teeth. One is scaling.


Scaling teeth is when the hygienist or dentist uses metal instruments to scrape the tartar and plaque away from your teeth’s surface. This isn’t painful and is a great way to prevent cavities and gum disease as well as remove stains.

Some stains are trapped in the plaque and tartar and are whished away with scaling and a rinse.

You may feel some flakes and grits during the procedure but don’t let that bother you. It’s perfectly normal.


Polishing is when the hygienist or dentist uses a polishing paste and a motorized tool to brighten your smile. This removes many of the remaining stains lying on the tooth’s surface. The bright smile you get from this procedure can last up to six months.

The tool may look like a drill and make a whirring sound but that is also normal. It will leave your teeth feeling smooth and clean, which is why many people like to get their teeth cleaned.

Regular dental exams and cleanings are good ways to keep stains off your teeth because they reduce the bacteria in your mouth and keep your teeth polished.

It is also the most affordable option to keep your smile looking good as in-office whitening is going to cost more.

In-Office Whitening

Dentists also offer in-office whitening sessions that give you immediate results. These sessions take about an hour but are safe and effective. The dentist will talk to you about expectations when they find out the shade you would like to achieve.

In-office whitening sessions don’t require repeated visits. Once a year is typically enough to maintain a bright smile. Some don’t need to come back for three or four years.

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We are here to tell you about your obtains to remove stains and get the smile you want. Schedule an appointment today to get your exam and let our dental team offer recommendations. We can help you gain a smile that will boost your confidence!

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