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Dental patients that are facing getting dentures may feel a sense of loss or even failure. After all, dentures are typically associated with either old people or those who haven’t kept up with oral care. Neither is true.

Some younger patients are regulated to getting dentures because of an injury or a chronic dental problem they’ve been fighting for years. Some of it could be attributed to genetics as some have weaker or softer teeth in their families. Although many teeth issues are attributed to bad oral care, not all dental problems are rooted in a lack of hygiene.

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About Dentures Toronto

Patients considering dentures may feel they don’t know enough about them or the process. That can feel overwhelming. You should be aware of five things to know about dentures before you head down your journey to get them.

What happens next?

We provide exams and x-rays to see the cause of the pain. Our capable staff will provide you with immediate relief and schedule additional appointments to resolve the problem.

Bentway Dental offers complete dental care so we can address any dental issue you have that caused the pain, whether it’s cosmetic dentistry to fix a chipped or broken tooth, an infection that may require a root canal, implants, or multiple teeth problems.

Our modern technology makes getting emergency work done simpler and easier for both the patient and the dentist.

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You don't need to get a whole set.

Dentures come as full or partial to replace natural teeth. They can involve a complete replacement but can also replace just a few missing teeth, the bottom row only or the top row only.

Dentures are customized.

Dentures once didn’t look as good as they do now. That’s because new technology allows for more customization now than ever before. Both full and partial dentures are designed and created to fit your mouth specifically.

That means your dentures are created to match the natural teeth you are keeping as well as the ones you lost. The color, length, and look are incredibly natural.

You don't have to go toothless until your dentures are made.

Years ago. dentists did extractions and patients had to wait a week or two before getting their permanent dentures. That doesn’t happen anymore because of immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are made before your teeth are removed and are given to you to use right after your teeth are removed.

These help in healing and allows your mouth to completely heal before using your permanent dentures, which can be up to six months. The difference between immediate dentures and permanent dentures is that immediate dentures can be refitted easily to make you more comfortable while your mouth heals. This can be important because your gums and jaw can swell after extensive extractions.

The immediate dentures can be thrown away when you’re ready for your permanent dentures.

Overdentures may be an option.

Overdentures may be a term most aren’t familiar with but they are an alternative in certain cases. Two types of patients that are good candidates for this option are those who still have some natural teeth or those who find traditional dentures uncomfortable. Overdentures can be used in cases where there are no natural teeth as well as overdentures can sit on teeth roots or dental implants.

The reason why some choose overdentures rather than conventional dentures is that they find them more comfortable and secure. Like traditional dentures, overdentures are easily removed for cleaning and sleeping.

Keeping dentures in place is easy.

Today’s dentures don’t have nearly the amount of problems of shifting that they did in the past. That is because they are much more customized, made from better materials, and use better technology. Traditional dentures stay in place by suction, although some people like to use an oral adhesive to make them more secure.

Those who want a denture that is closest to their natural teeth should consider implants. The denture refers to the artificial tooth while implants refer to the posts anchored in your mouth. The implant is permanent and anchored into your jawbone. It can be used to replace teeth individually where they stay in your mouth permanently like a natural tooth.

You can eat, brush and clean your implants as you would natural teeth. However, dentists say you should treat the implant teeth as dentures in how you clean and maintain them. Implants can also be stained as natural teeth so you will still need to watch the amount of coffee, tea, and other items you drink and eat.

Dentures are highly durable today because most are made from either acrylic resin or porcelain. Acrylic resin is preferred by those in the dental industry because of its durability and cost. Porcelain has some advantages because it looks most like natural teeth and is easily color-matched to look correct with the rest of your teeth. Porcelain teeth also have the sheen of natural teeth.

The End Result

Getting dentures can be a good choice to improve your smile, and chewing function, and to relieve pain. Your dentist or periodontist can create a customized plan for getting teeth extracted and your new dentures in place that will be best for you.

Dentures don’t have to be the end of the world. They can be the beginning of a new, confident you. Make an appointment to discuss it today.


About Dentures

Many times, pain or broken teeth require two or more appointments to correct. The standard protocol of dental care is to provide immediate antibiotics and pain relief until your second appointment when more procedures are scheduled. We don’t delay those appointments and will get you back into our office fast so your dental needs are properly addressed.

Emergency care isn’t something you plan on financially either. Our office accepts insurance, and various forms of payments and can help you find financing options. You don’t need to live with an emergency dental problem out of fear you can’t afford to fix it.

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